Executive Literacy Plan Summary

Alleghany County Public Schools




The Alleghany County Public Schools Literacy Plan is based on the recommendations made by Ottilie Austin, Ed.D., University of Virginia, following her visit and observations during the

2016-2017 academic school year. The administration and teachers have each received a copy of the report and recommendations that were made.



Across the District

†††††††† We are providing individual literacy coaching with teachers across the district to identify, learn, and improve studentsuccess in literacy. Coaching is based on need fromthe teachers.

†††††††† We are providing and participating in professional development with the goal of improved student learning.

†††††††† We are striving to develop a culture of literacy across the district (K-12)

†††††††† We are currently assessing phonics and sight word instruction for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Teachers have expressed a needfor assistance and guidance in this category.



High School & Middle School

†††††††† At Alleghany High School and Clifton Middle School, we are conducting assessments to create a fluid look at each student'sí reading level.

†††††††† The assessments include the Developmental Spelling Assessment (DSA) and the Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) - includes word recognition in isolation, running record, and comprehension check - to develop a variety of points to establish a complete view of our readers.

†††††††† With thedata gathered throughtheaboveinformalreading assessments,we are developing diagnostic reading rosters for teachers to use to inform their instruction based on student reading levels.




†††††††† Word Study - our goal is for all teachers to have training in and implement word study instruction in their classrooms.

†††† Sharon has completed, Callaghan is in the process, Mountain View is in planning

†††††††† All teachers are implementing the recommended UVA Literacy Diet to guide their instruction and ensure they are meeting studentsí needs at their instructional level.

†††††††† Teachersare continuingto enhance their Language Arts instructional time through appropriate use of whole group instruction and small group instruction.