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JRTC Board Meeting Notes


What follows are the notes from the May 14, 2019 meeting of the Jackson River Technical Center Joint Board of Control. You are encouraged to contact Eugene Kotulka if you have questions regarding this information.


Present: Eddy Clemons (Covington City), Tamala Preston (Covington City), Gerald Franson (Alleghany County), Randy Tucker (Alleghany County), Jacob Wright (Chair, Alleghany County), Glenn Spangler (JRTC Director), Christy Armentrout (Clerk), Melinda Snead-Johnson (Covington City) and Eugene Kotulka (Alleghany County Superintendent/Administrator).


1.      The minutes of the April meeting were approved. 

2.      Mr. Spangler informed the Board of the recent passing of retired teacher, Buck Ray.  He stated Mr. Ray will be missed by many.

3.      Mr. Spangler offered the Joint Board audit from Persinger & Company. He asked board members to review the information and contact him should they have any questions.  He noted the internal accounts audit would be forthcoming.  

4.      Mr. Spangler informed the Board of an upcoming SREB Review.  He noted short notice was given for the review but they would do the best they could with what time they have.

5.      As a follow-up to a previous meeting, Mr. Spangler requested $235 per day be granted for teachers who attend overnight trips to competitions.  He also requested $21.50 per hour be granted for instructors training students for competitions in the summer.  Both requests were approved with unanimous votes. 

6.      Mr. Spangler presented the draft 2019-2020 academic calendar.  He explained it represents both school divisions’ calendars with an additional workday at the end of the year.  The 2019-2020 academic calendar was approved unanimously.

7.      Mr. Spangler requested approval of the 2019-2020 Operating Budget.  There was discussion regarding hiring an Assistant Director and the salary for the position.  The superintendents were directed to develop a draft job description and salary scale for this position.  The Board approved the 2019-2020 Operating Budget.

8.      A field trip to Kentucky for the Skill USA National Competition was approved.  The trip is June 24-29.  Two students will be competing. 

9.      The Board went into Closed Session to discuss Personnel.  Upon return to Open Session, the Board approved Melody Weese as Clerk/Administrative Secretary. 


Classified reappointments included:  Stephen O’Byrne and Dillon Fisher. 


Professional Staff Reappointments included:    

                        Provisional Contract: 

            Tasha J. Cantrell

            Windell A. Gibson      

            Shannon L. Fogus

            Jimmy W. Fridley       

            Esther T. Morse


            Continuing Contract:

            Paul E. Graham

            Mark T. Hamelman    

            James L. Huffman

            Glenn M. Spangler


10.    Bills in the amount of $62,311.53 were approved.   Salaries in the amount of $84,985.89 were also paid in accordance with approved salary and benefit schedules.   


The meeting adjourned at 12:41 p.m. 

The next meeting is June 11 at 12:00 p.m.