TITLE:                         SCHOOL NURSE (LPN)





Implements a school health program for a school population as defined by the school division under the direction of a licensed health professional and Registered Nurse (R.N.).  Performs selected nursing acts and collaboration with licensed health professionals to implement school health services. Evaluates and meets or determines the need for additional services of immediate medical assistance of referred students and school personnel.




Must hold a minimum of a current license as a licensed practical nurse from the Virginia State Board of Nursing. Candidates must hold a current certification in CPR-American Heart Association or American Red Cross.





            Building Principal

            Director of Special Education

            Lead Nurse (RN)





  1. Maintains and respects confidentiality of student and school personnel information, while maintaining the safety and welfare for all students and staff members; 
  2. Follows federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies regarding children’s educational welfare;
  3. Reports any pertinent information to the proper authorities in cases of child endangerment, neglect, or abuse;
  4. Provides direct health services to students in assigned school.  Assesses students' health needs as they arise and/or as requested by school administration;
  5. Maintains health clinics in assigned schools;
  6. Reviews all emergency care forms in assigned schools and attendance area in the Fall and when students transfer during the school year;
  7. Participates in the development of the Student Health Care Plans, which will be reviewed by Supervising RN;
  8. Confers with teachers on student health matters in assigned schools;
  9. Instructs students and staff, as requested by the building administrator, on issues dealing with family life education and other health concerns;
  10. Performs student health screenings in assigned schools;
  11. Remains informed and knowledge about health provisions within Virginia School Laws;
  12. Interprets and presents medical information to eligibility committee in special education as requested by building administrator(s);
  13. Maintains accurate records of all services provided;
  14. Maintains licensure/certification; assumes responsibility for professional growth and keeps materials, supplies, and skills up-to-date;
  15. Serves as a liaison with parents, primary health care providers and any other health officials/agencies that may be participating in the case management process;
  16. Attends workshops/seminars/professional meetings to stay informed of new developments and literature in nursing;
  17. Cooperates with staff members and parents in maintaining a positive climate;
  18. Manages the Welligent system at the assigned school and participates in Medicaid outreach programs;
  19. Complies with and supports school and division regulations and policies;
  20. Maintains proper boundaries with students at all times, assuring respect for the ethical and legal duties in the staff-student relationship and the essential duty to serve as a role model;
  21. Provides a good role model in appearance, demeanor, dress and behavior for the students served;
  22. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities;
  23. Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities;
  24. Performs other duties as assigned by the building principal or Director of Special Education to address district-wide needs in accordance with school/division policies and practices.





Duties performed typically in school settings to include: school clinic, offices, conference centers, gymnasium, playground areas, and classrooms.  Frequent walking, stooping, standing, lifting, up to approximately 20 pounds, and occasional lifting of equipment and/or materials weighing up to 40 pounds. Other limited physical activities may be required. Regular and frequent contact with the students, school administration, school personnel, the Director of Special Education, other health agencies, and parents is a requirement. Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word; hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels; visual acuity is required for preparing and analyzing written or computer data, determining the accuracy and thoroughness of work. Candidate must possess the ability to work with special needs students. Frequent contact with parents by phone and in person may be necessary. Occasional contact with medical professionals may be required.






10 month contract, Non-exempted FLSA status.  Salary will be established by the School Board.




Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with school board policy and administrative regulations on evaluation of personnel.










Approved by School Board: