Dear Parent/Guardian:


The Alleghany County School Board offers your student the use of electronic communications through the Alleghany County School Divisionís computer system. Your student may be offered an ability to communicate with other schools, colleges, organizations and authorized individuals around the world through the Internet and other electronic information systems/networks.


Part of the school divisionís responsibility in educating students is to provide them access to the tools they will be using as adults. The Internet is one of these tools. Through the divisionís computer system your student will have access to databases, libraries and computer services from all over the world. We accept the responsibility of teaching your student about digital citizenship and the code of ethics involved with this community.


With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility on the part of your student. It is important that you and your student read the enclosed division policy, administrative regulation and agreement and discuss these requirements. The division takes precautions to prevent access to inappropriate material. However, it is impossible to control access to all material and a user may access inappropriate material.


††††††††††† In order for your student to take advantage of this educational opportunity, your authorization is needed. Attached to this letter are the Acceptable Computer System Use Policy IIBEA/GAB and Regulation IIBEA-R/GAB-R and the Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement IIBEA-F2 / GAB-F1 which both you and your student must sign before your child may use the computer system. Please review these materials carefully with your student before signing the required agreement.